Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Stitch a Prayer

How to Make Blanket of Prayers
So many people today need your thoughts and prayers. Someone you know? Your friend? A family member?  How do you find the time?  I find my favorite time to send loving thoughts of healing and peace are when I knit.  To me, knitting is such a peaceful, meditative process.  I know many people who pursue this process with crochet, also.

Funny thing though... it's just so simple to do.  Find a pattern you like, or don't.  It doesn't really matter.  You can do this with scrap yarn and any old pair of needles (or crochet hook) and start praying!  Start with something small and watch it grow.  Each stitch you make, think of the person who needs your prayers.  Each thought can be a prayer.  Just saying their name in your head, bringing their needs into the forefront of your mind is a prayer.  Repeat with each stitch as you go along, thinking of your loved one. Before you know it, you've sent that person a hundred, a thousand, ten-thousand prayers! 

When I think my blanket of prayers is big enough, I give it to that person.  (usually, I make a lap blanket size, 48"x52", or sometimes a shrug to fit over the shoulders) When I do, I tell them, "This is a blanket of prayers that I made for you.  Each stitch contains a thought of you, each row a continuous prayer and a meditation to help you through your troubles.  May it keep you warm and wrap you in peaceful thoughts."

Can you imagine if everyone who knit or crochet would focus on peace and harmony for a day?  How many prayers and thoughts of kindness could be sent out into the world?  How much healing could we do?

Pick up your needles today and stitch a prayer! 

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