Friday, January 27, 2012

Free Pattern - Sleep Sox!

I adapted this pattern from a WW1 pattern from the Red Cross.  I added a cuff section and a toe section to the original tube sock pattern.

Caron worsted
Gauge 8sts = 1in in 1x1 rib
2-24" size 6 circular needles

For women's socks:
Cast on 48 sts using long tail method.
For men's socks cast on 56 for each sock. 
Children's socks, cast on 40 for each sock.
(To adjust size, cast on any number of stitches in multiples of 4)

Begin by casting on ALL the stitches for BOTH socks.
Divide onto 2 circular needles as per []

Knit 2" k1, p1 ribbing
(children's size 1" k1, p1 ribbing)
(men's size 3" k1, p1 ribbing)
1 row k across
10" k2, p2 ribbing
(children's size 8" k1, p1 ribbing)
(men's size 12" k2, p2 ribbing)
Dec. for toe as follows: (same method for all size socks)
Toe will be knit in stockinette stitch.
Knit one row across to begin.
Row 1: k1, ssk, knit to the last three stitches on first half, k2tog, kl. Repeat on second half
Row 2: k across
Continue until you have 8 sts remaining on each half, finishing on row 2. (16 total)
You should have eight stitches remaining on each section of both socks. Work 2 more decrease rounds, with no even rows between. You should now have 4 stitches remaining in each section of both socks, a total of 8 stitches on each sock.
(For Men's - Continue until you have 16 sts remaining on each half - 32 total. After working last 4 decrease rounds you should have 8 sts left on each half. Cut yarn, close toe with kitchener's stitch)
Work Kitchener Stitch on each toe separately. To begin, cut the yarn, leaving a tail 10" (25.5 cm) long, and thread this tail onto a darning needle to begin the graft.
Weave in all ends